Today’s workplace is a far cry from was what considered the norm even 5 years ago. Above and beyond having multiple offices in different locations, both nationally and globally, the rising numbers of remote workers is now something HR departments and Executives are paying significant attention to.  Moreover, the average employee tenure at an organization is decreasing, leading organizations to focus HR efforts on retaining top talent as well as attracting it.  We all know that keeping an employee happy (generally) has a significantly lower associated cost when compared to frequent recruitment and new employee training.

With the days of the ‘old office’ truly behind us, organizations are increasingly evaluating automation as a vector for the improvement of the employee experience and a mechanism by which to reduce operational costs.

Here's how:

Employee expectations:

In our personal lives, we are becoming accustomed to a seamless consumer experience; same or next day delivery, instant answers to our queries, and multiple choices based on personal preference.  As a result, we now expect the same level of service from the organization we work at.

With quick and easy access to HR Services, your employees are empowered to find what they need, when they need it, and in a way in which they would prefer it.

A happy and satisfied employee = a more productive and dedicated member of your team.

Bonus points for good first impressions: a slick recruitment and on-boarding process which provides white-glove-level experience results in candidates and new joiners who associate premium quality with your organization.

Increased efficiency:

Now that you have employees who can find the answers they’re looking for without the need for a single engagement with an HR agent, and your costs have been driven down via automation. Time is saved, and the employee no longer needs to wait or ask when something will be delivered to them.  Seamless.

From a business perspective, HR agents are now free to reallocate time to more critical issues.  What would you do with 30% more time from reducing the manual tasks associated with HR admin?  It’s time for you to put the focus back on employee engagement, putting the human back in HR.  And isn’t making people’s working time easier and more enjoyable why you chose to work in HR in the first place?


This is often the area which customers want to improve.  With information held in multiple spreadsheets, emails and point-solutions, pulling all that data together to make something meaningful is a nightmare.  But how can you demonstrate the effectiveness of your department if you can’t demonstrate operational improvements or cases resolved?

Pull together the information you need, from how you’ve met your internal SLAs, to how quickly case issues are resolved, all at the touch of a button.

Many organizations Highmetric works with have previously engaged with large vendors or legacy platforms, which simply don’t have the functionality or the expertise to support the complexities of today’s modern workplace.  With 20 years of HR Case experience, we can help you build the unique HR solution for your organization, harnessing the power of the ServiceNow platform.

In a hurry?  We can help you realize all the above in just 6 weeks.

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