Highmetric offers Investigate360, a collaborative, integrated, web-based solution on the NOW Platform that helps police and law enforcement organizations securely log, store, and share information and records. Easy to implement and easy to maintain, it's a powerful tool for improving everything from the simplest activity to the most demanding process.

Focused on the real-world needs of police and law enforcement professionals, Investigate360 offers the collaboration, content management, workflow automation, and integration features you need to improve your performance. Individually, Investigate360 allows distributed teams access to highly secure, invetigation-specific work spaces. Collectively, Investigate360 promotes secure, cross-agency cooperation and information sharing that helps improve outcomes while reducing costs.

Key Features:

  • Optimize user productivity with an intuitive web interface and role-based navigation.
  • Enhance information sharing with highly secure, investigation-specific workspaces that allow almost any file format.
  • Protect sensitive information using a variety of highly-flexible user, role, and information-based controls.
  • Increase efficiency with the leading workflow engine that automates activities and enforces processes.
  • Improve information access with a search engine that indexes web pages, attachments, forms, form letters, and log entries and a data visualization tool.

System Requirements:

The Investigate360 application is a standalone application for the ServiceNow platform. There are no additional plug-in requirements to use the application.