Welcome to Managed Services!

ServiceNow just got easy...


Welcome to Managed Services!

ServiceNow just got easy...

Last updated: 11-April-2019

Thank you for choosing Highmetric!

Welcome! You are officially engaged in Highmetric’s innovative approach to remote Managed Services through which our team of ServiceNow experts will continuously manage and monitor your ServiceNow environment.

This page is meant to serve as an overview to the features of the service, as well as a "How To" so that you can get the most out of your contract as efficiently as possible. This, in conjunction with a phone call that you will be receiving from your Technical Account Manager (TAM), is the beginning of a new, easier experience with the ServiceNow platform. We look forward to working with you and thank you for choosing Highmetric!


General Use of the Service

Here are the basics.

General Use of the Service

Here are the basics.


First, you will need a login and password for the Highmetric Customer Portal. This login and password will be sent to your email directly.

To login, first navigate to

Note that you can navigate to this URL by clicking the “Client Login” link at the upper right hand corner of all pages on this site. This link will direct you to Highmetric's ServiceNow Customer Service Managment (CSM) instance where you will be able to take advantage of functionality described elsewhere on this page.

Upon initial login, you will be able to change your credentials and assign other authorized users in your organization access to the site so they can also make requests of our team.

For additional assistance, authorized users may also email and phone us.

✉️: (this will also generate an issue with us within our CSM instance that you'll be able to access on the portal)
☎️: 1-833-HIGHMETRIC (1-833-444-6387)

And for direct management escalation, you are welcome to contact:

Jameson Ford
Manager, Global Managed Services
(630) 541-2160

on The portal: Knowledge Requests

"How do I...?"

This request is for when you or your organization would like:

  • More information on how to perform a certain action

  • Guidance on best practices or product use cases

  • A demo of a specific feature or function

  • General information or detail on any ServiceNow Application

on The PortaL: Enhancement Requests

"We can build it!"

This request is for when you or your organization would like to:

  • Make a change to a specific area or function

  • Enhance a certain capability of the product

  • Change configuration data within the product

  • Modify an existing piece of functionality

Technology Components  

Your service contract has been formulated based on inputs from your organization as well as your Account Management team and, as such, will be specific to your particular ServiceNow environment. 

You will find specific details about your Supported Environment in your contract with us; however, the following applications are typically in-scope and part of a supported environment for our offering.
ServiceNow Platform

  • Production

  • Sub-Production Environments

ServiceNow Applications

  • IT Service Management

  • Customer Service Management

  • HR Service Delivery

  • IT Operations Management

  • Etc.

Additional ServiceNow Components:

  • MID Servers

  • Integration Points


Standard Operating Proceedures

We follow ITIL Best Practices.

Standard Operating Proceedures

We follow ITIL Best Practices.

Operating Hours

Highmetric's support desk functions 24 x 7 x 365 in a "follow the sun" fashion. We have offices in Chicago, USA; London, UK; and Pune, India who handoff to one another to provide global, full-time coverage.

As you'll note throughout this page, Highmetric follows strict ITIL methods and as such, we expose change/service windows which are utilized for the delivery of things like system software patches, application software patches, and application code updates.

Our standard window is:

  • Weekends:
    • Saturday, 12:00pm – Sunday 8:00pm (Central Time)
  • Weekdays:
    • Wednesdays, 5:00pm (Central Time), for the release of application code updates only

From time to time, other maintenance windows may be required in order to progress high priority incident resolutions. Such cases will only occur with the prior approval of your organization's designated representatives, and will be subject to emergency change management processes.

Client Pre-Requisites for Managed Service


In some cases, Highmetric may need VPN access to be used exclusively by Highmetric’s resources. There could be a variety of reasons for this - you may require that all IP addresses connecting to your instance are within the same range, or you may have security measures in place that disallow anyone from connecting to the instance who isn't on your network. Highmetric can accommodate a variety of VPN approaches using software MFA or hardware tokens - we rely on your to guide us as to your corporate standards on this front.

Administration Access

In some cases, Highmetric may also require NT (or equivalent) local administration accounts on technology components deemed in-scope for your contract. Examples of this include the management of the ServiceNow MID Server, or other managed components that are part of the contract, like AppDynamics agents, etc., where, from time to time, we may actually need to look at config files on servers to ensure things are running properly.

Incident and Problem

Highmetric performs incident management for your Supported Environment through ITIL standard escalation and resolution and resolution processes. This service includes 24x7 call center support that handles thing you would expect such as questions, problems, unusual error messages, response time issues, user access issues and requests for basic trouble-shooting. 

Highmetric asks that all incidents are submitted via email, telephone call or direct logging into the Highmetric Customer Service Management (CSM) portal as described earlier in this page. 

Highmetric will attempt to fulfill service requests as rapidly as possible; however, response and resolution targets will be based upon request severity as detailed in the table below.



Service Portal and Service Requests

Highmetric allows for issues and requests to be raised against the Supported Environment via the Highmetric Customer Service Portal, and tracked from inception through the point of closure. This service immediately ties to Highmetric’s 24x7 call center desk. 

Like incidents, service requests must be submitted through email, telephone call or directly logged through the Highmetric CSM portal.  Service Requests are limited to requests related to the supported environment.

Service requests are classified as those requests that are non-service impacting, and service request fulfillment refers to the completion of the service requested. Visibility of work in progress on open tickets is available via the Highmetric CSM Portal. Most typically, these requests consume time from the bucket of Remote Enhancement Hours defined within the scope of your contract.

From time to time, Highmetric may determine that the service request is not related to your supported environment. In such a case, Highmetric will notify your organization of this, and suggest ways to fulfill the request that has been made.

Change and Release Management

Highmetric uses ITIL-based change and release management procedures to record, track and manage the minor version upgrades, perform Patch Management, process Service Requests for data administration tasks and enhancement requests. It will also be utilized to generate and process approved Request for Change. Unless otherwise specified, this service covers the evaluation, testing and implementation of server (if applicable) and application changes to the Development and Production environments of the in-scope items to ensure consistency between these environments. These will be managed as a Request for Change through Highmetric's ServiceNow instance and will be performed in coordination with your organization. Highmetric will complete the following analysis, recommendations, approval, implementation and testing steps to process the Request for Change as applicable to the change request as detailed below. 

  • Evaluation and assessment
  • For Data Administration tasks, perform change and release per defined processes
  • For Bulk Data Loads schedule change based on pre-defined data load schedule
  • As appropriate, cross reference and/or associate RFC to concurrent or scheduled development projects and other related RFC’s to confirm the change has no overlap with on-going or planned application modifications
  • Confirm Client impact level and re-classify if appropriate
  • Re-classify if out of scope
  • Reference to upgrade paths and compatibility matrices (if applicable)
  • Scoping and functional requirements definition
  • Technical requirements definition
  • Provide a scope of work (estimated number of days to complete work and deploy the change)
  • Provide recommendations and implementation time frame to requestor
  • Review progress of RFC’s in regular service review meetings. 
  • For RFC’s that exceed contracted remote enhancement service hours: provide Client with a Statement of Work (MSC) for the total work to be performed
  • Highmetric may request Client’s approval for a RFC by providing the Designated Representative with written details of the RFC by e-mail so that Client-internal change control processes can be initiated and managed
  • Receive final Client approval to proceed
  • Provide fulfillment schedule to requester
  • Define detailed change tasks and back-out plan
  • Schedule RFC or RFC bundle based on pre-defined release schedule
  • Perform and test all change tasks
  • Create test cases and perform regression testing (if deemed applicable by Highmetric)
  • Request Client user acceptance testing (if deemed applicable by Highmetric)
  • Release to production
  • Update end user documentation (if deemed applicable by Highmetric)
  • Close RFC
  • Close Service Request

If a RFC requires changes that are outside the scope of your contract, Highmetric’s Account Executive will engage with your organization to propose a Change Request and to obtain agreement and sign-off prior to scheduling any work.


Available Services

Your contract may already include many of these features.

Available Services

Your contract may already include many of these features.

Application Data Administration Management Service

Highmetric will provide a Data Administration Service that involves adding, deleting, updating and modifying pre-configured, Out of the Box (OotB) administration and configuration data, settings and processes for the Supported Environment.   

Typically, the following is part of Application Data Administration Management Service:

  • Changes to data elements or configurations within the Supported Environment, where such a change may be the addition, deletion or modification of such a data element.
  • Changes to data elements or configurations that may involve multiple steps or modifications to single data elements or to multiple related or sub-data elements within the Support Environment.
  • Changes to data/configuration elements that do not require a promotion process  within the Supported Environment.
  • Changes that can be scoped, designed, tested and released by Highmetric remotely, i.e., and do not require the contribution of on-site resources to either scope and define requirements, perform the technical design and/or implement the enhancement.

As detailed in your contract, there are standard and advanced flavors of data administration. Typically, Advanced Application Data and Configuration Administration tasks are handled via the Remote Enhancement Service if applicable.  

Service Delivery Review Reporting

Highmetric provides a structured Service Delivery Reporting Service so that your organization can monitor and measure the contracted services delivered by Highmetric. To facilitate this, your TAM will work with you to schedule a monthly meeting during which we will talk about a variety of things:

  • A  Service Delivery Review Report will be completed by Highmetric.
    • List of users in your organization authorized to make requests
    • Status of Change Orders
    • Records Reporting (Incident / Request, Problem and Request For Change records
    • Aged count of open records (Incident, Request, Problem, Change & Release records)
    • Open vs. Closed records per reporting period (Incident, Request, Problem, Change & Release records)
    • Incident Response Metrics
    • Change Management Reporting
    • Service Availability Reporting
    • Review Remote Enhancement Hours

Remote Application Enhancements Service

Highmetric defines a Remote Enhancement as any remotely implemented change in system functionality, workflow, advanced data and configuration administration, or look and feel to the Supported Environment, over and above the other services described included in your contract.

Here are some examples:

  • A change that can be scoped, designed, tested and released by Highmetric remotely, i.e., does not require the contribution of on-site resources to either scope and define requirements, perform the technical design and/or implement the enhancement.
  • A change to complex and/or interdependent data configuration items.
  • A change to the Supported Environment application data structures based on data cleansing services to resolve data integrity or synchronization issues excluding those that may be the result of changes made by Highmetric’s GSD in the normal execution of the services stated herein.  

Within your contract, the specifics around how many remote enhancement hours are available per month or quarter is detailed.

Once it is determined that remote enhancement is requirement, Highmetric will employe a structured assessment process for each request:

  • A functional requirement description
  • An assessment of effort to complete the request for enhancement.
  • Highmetric shall manage the development and release of the remote enhancement request subject to the contracted Change and Release Management procedures as documented in the Change and Release Management section of this document.

For clarification purposes, a Remote Enhancement does not include:

  • Major version migrations, upgrades, and related post-upgrade customizations of any Core Technology or related infrastructure.
  • Changes to integration technology.
  • Installation and/or configuration of new environment(s) to the Supported Environment (i.e., building a Training environment).
  • Changes that require the commitment of and contribution for key pre-sales or senior systems architect resources to complete.
  • Maintenance or management of Client's knowledge management content.

Environment Refresh Service

In order to maintain likeness between environments and improve development quality, Highmetric regularly clones production environments down to sub-production environments prior to the development of new functionality in ServiceNow. From time to time, Highmetric may discover that production and sub-production are non-trivially out of sync. In such scenarios, Highmetric will alert your organization immediately, and we will mutually determine a course to resolve this issue, which may include the use of some remote enhancement hours.

ServiceNow System Upgrade Service

Your contract may include our options ServiceNow System Upgrade Service. In this case, we will take control of upgrading your ServiceNow instance once per year, or as defined in your contract.

Note that Major upgrades and minor version upgrades which exceed five business days (8 hours per day) effort as determined by Highmetric for all ServiceNow applications within the Supported Environment or related as technology elements are typically not in scope for use to perform. If this happens to be the case, we will alert you prior to the commencement of work with a proposed plan of attack to get you onto the latest version of the platform.



This page does not replace your contract.


This page does not replace your contract.

This page is NOT meant to be a replacement for your Managed Services Contract (“MSC”) in any capacity. All terms that govern the specifics of your agreement are located in your MSC, on this site as incorporated by reference, or on any applicable Master Services Agreement alongside which that contract may ride. If you have any questions or concerns about the terms and conditions that manage your contract, please contact your TAM or your Account Executive who will work quickly to get your questions answered.