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Our success

Leading national laboratory – Powering the highest standards

Our clients are leading safety experts.  

As a business committed to the most stringent levels of quality, they have a continual need to ensure that every aspect of their project management and software development capabilities are working on full power – because technology has become a driver not just an enabler of the business.

We are working with them to build in greater agility and increased security into their use of technology.  They need to ensure that cloud-based processes lead to efficiency gains and improved experiences while meeting the needs for enhanced compliance and greater levels of scrutiny. 

Having impressed our client with the clarity of our vision and the rigor of our plan, we are now leveraging our deep expertise in Atlassian to migrate  from an early version to the latest specifications. And we are baking DevOps principles into their business processes.

In Conclusion

The outcome of our work will ensure that their cloud-based processes are delivering more efficiency and better experiences, while at the same time improving both security and compliance.



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