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National sports league – Upskilling and streamlining DevOps processes

Our client is one of the oldest professional sports leagues in the U.S., involving dozens of major teams and hundreds of clubs.

Connecting with global audiences across multiple channels requires creativity and innovation. Our client needed to develop new experiences and new touch points for fans worldwide, including more mobile-friendly content.

Their in-house software development teams were imaginative and productive – collaborating to explore the possibilities of new technologies and working to develop exciting and engaging new features and applications.

But they were hampered in their work by outdated collaboration software which was slowed the release of new applications. And they had no way of effectively managing the millions of records held on disparate databases, making identity management a major challenge.

The Highmetric team was called in to establish an integrated approach to DevOps – getting the teams working together using new instances of Confluence and Jira from Atlassian.

In Conclusion

Moving processes and data to the cloud gave their software professionals more tools, more space and more power to engage and delight fans across the world.



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