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Assuring ServiceNow performance in a high-demand environment

We are working with one of the world’s premier motor manufactures, with an engineering pedigree going back over a century.

Our client uses ServiceNow widely across their business, with a focus on HR, ITSM and multiple scoped applications that enhance workflow-based capability. They use 100 developers across 6 external partners. Their internal team focuses on architecture and governance of the partners and the platform.

The effectiveness of ServiceNow across the business resulted in growing demand from diverse lines of business. This led to a high volume of releases over a short period of time. The internal team were not geared to handle this pace of growth, particularly given the sheer volume of work involved in reviewing the detailed content of update sets. The platform itself lacked the tools to provide any form of automation or efficiency to alleviate the pressure. Of particular concern was the fact that errors within platform code only surfaced during testing, risking project delays and performance problems down the line.

Our client was totally reliant on the developers themselves to identify their own mistakes, or discover them during system and UAT testing. Adding to the internal team was not an option, A more innovative and cost-effective solution was called for. They conducted an assessment of the available tools, and elected to trial CodeWorks, as it met their requirements of a platform based app, with static code analysis and the flexibility to extend the rule set.

The trial fully met all their expectations, and Codeworks was deployed to the environment for all developers. It has delivered substantial benefits in a short space of time, including:

30% time saving for the 5 member internal team that manages releases

An increase in the number of releases possible with a reduced number of errors identified in the testing cycles

5% time saving for developers by teaching them how to avoid all the mistakes that the 200 rules manage

Developers personal learning tips show a clear marked reduction in the number of issues they raise in update sets as CodeWorks educates them as they develop.

In Conclusion

Codeworks continues to perform for our client, enhancing the performance of the ServiceNow platform in critical areas of the company’s business operations.

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