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A system of action for your enterprise

Where enterprise service management meets enterprise-wide technology governance

Creating better experiences for customers. Changing the way people innovate together. Enabling better and faster business decisions. Driving more cost effective, scalable, and secure business models. Enhancing how IT builds solutions to run and accelerate business operations.

Simple. Unified. Smart.

Instead of customers jumping through hoops, they can easily get what they want in seconds.

Instead of having your smartest people siloed and tangled in red tape, they can solve problems collaboratively—across organizations.

Instead of IT governance being an obstructive gatekeeper, it can free people to pursue new opportunities.

No company unlocks productivity like ServiceNow.  No company unites and simplifies the enterprise like Highmetric. 

When business operations and technology operations are siloed, risks emerge that slow progress and growth.

Launching a new digital service without scalable infrastructure can lead to poor delivery and disappointed customers.

Implementing new systems that don’t make sense to business users risks having your most expensive technology investments go unused.

Either you govern so effectively, you kill innovation, or you innovate so rapidly, you take on risk that the business cannot withstand.

All of these problems cost you time, money and customers.

So what if your whole enterprise ran on a single operating system?

There is no room for division between your business objectives and your technology operations.  At Highmetric, we seamlessly bridge the divide with enterprise operations.

We deliver one cohesive, integrated and scalable system that’s built to ensure the innovation you want is the innovation you can deliver.

A single system of action that ties strategy to execution, and business operations to technology operations.

A system that delivers what customers actually want.

How do you build a system of action for your entire enterprise?

A true system of action must encompass people, process and technology.

It must align the goals and approaches of people in multiple lines of business.

It must coordinate the processes that work best for each line of business.

And it needs to use the technology assets you’ve already invested in, only bringing in new technology where it’s absolutely necessary.

But let's get more specific!

To architect an enterprise-wide system of action, you must have


The right platform – ServiceNow, the leading digital transformation and workflow engine in the world.


Service Management So lines of business can prioritize, schedule and organize their requirements themselves, and collaborate across the entire organization


Intelligent Integrations So data can flow between the distributed systems and easily be used by all lines of business


Integrated Risk and Security Operations - so that you can make more informed and confident business decision

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel to build a cohesive and simple system of action for your business.

The technologies you need are already proven and widely adopted.

The challenge is figuring out how to align people with process and process with technology across your entire business to respond to customer needs as one cohesive, agile unit.

We are Highmetric, and we solve this challenge.  With the addition of Iceberg Technologies and Fishbone Analytics, we provide unmatched expertise across the entire ServiceNow ecosystem.

We should talk

See what a system of action for your enterprise might look like.

We help organizations build systems that are purpose-built for their people, their processes and their technology.

If you want to know a little more about how this works, we should talk.

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