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HR Service Management Solutions

Automate and simplify HR service delivery, creating a unified employee experience that makes it easier for your people to get what they need.

Every HR leader knows that happy, engaged employees are more productive, more loyal and more likely to shout about how great their company is.

But if you want to deliver a great employee experience, you need to get much more from your technology and free your process owners to shape that experience in ways that matter.

We can help.

Make employee services easier to access. Give every department in your business a unified, consumer-level employee service experience that can be accessed easily through native mobile apps.

Meet employee needs at machine speed. Automate processes to speed up shared employee services, and have common issues, like benefits questions and onboarding, handled via virtual agents and self-service.

Remove the internal barriers that slow down HR. Ensure HR can work fluidly and transparently with other teams using cross-department digital workflows. Auto-assign tasks-based skills and availability, and optimize request management.

We help you get the most from your technology

HR Service Management has the potential to do so much for your business.

But to make the most of that potential you need the right partner to implement and support your HRSM solution. So that it works specifically for your business—and so that you get the most value from it long-term.

As a ServiceNow Elite Global Partner, we’re highly experienced in delivering HR service management solutions, with one of the highest customer satisfaction scores of any ServiceNow partner.

See our success

We can guide and support you through all stages of implementation, offering:


Strategic alignment

We’re tech people, sure—but we’re also people people—and experts at aligning them around shared goals for technology


Intelligent integrations

We intelligently integrate the systems within your business to ensure data flows between them.



Task automation

By applying select workflows, we reduce manual work and highlight key interactions with the right team members


Managed services

Once it's implemented, our highly experienced managed services team can run your solution day-to-day—and continually improve it.

And by combining HR Service Management with Enterprise Service Management, your ability to handle requests and issues is optimized across all departments. You’ll have the metrics to show continuous improvement in key service delivery areas.

HR service management should be the start of something bigger

At Highmetric, we believe that effective HR Service Management leads to engaged employees and a more effective HR team.

We can help your enterprise put it all together by combining intelligently integrated technologies with expert strategic consultation.

Let's talk about how we can make your organization a better place to work - today.

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Our Success

We have industry-leading experience of transforming HR service delivery for a wide range of clients. Learn more from just one of our customer success stories.

Our Success

Global energy giant – delivering a great employee experience with ServiceNow

Our client is a global giant in the energy and automation solutions business, with around 135,000 employees who work in 17 different languages.