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IT Operations Management

Gain a deep understanding of your entire IT estate, optimize performance and solve issues before they impact your business.

Every enterprise depends on its IT infrastructure. Yet a surprising number of IT leaders lack full visibility into the critical systems that support and drive operations.

We will put you firmly in control. Gain unprecedented visibility across your estate, including both on-premise and cloud systems, then tweak the dials to turbocharge performance. Our services give you stability through well-governed platforms, the agility to adapt and pivot as your business needs evolve, and the freedom to explore and exploit new opportunities without having to worry whether your IT can keep up. 

Three big benefits


Enhance your apps

Dramatically improve the performance of key customer or employee-facing services and products by optimizing your infrastructure. 


Rescue implementations

Is one of your new systems failing? We can identify what’s going wrong and bring everything back on track. Then we’ll start optimizing.


Avoid outages

Identify the root cause of bugs and system failure and then automate solutions so that apps self-heal. That’s how you get to 24/7x365 uptime.

We’re here to help

Effective ITOM can transform the performance of your existing IT infrastructure, but to generate results fast you need an experienced partner. 

It’s the scale and breadth of our experience that sets us apart from the competition. We employ a diverse team of specialists in monitoring, cloud management, DevOps, security, APM and more. They work with some of the world’s most demanding and dynamic organizations across the public and private sectors, ensuring that the performance of their IT systems never lets them down. Highmetric consistently achieves industry-leading customer satisfaction scores, and sustains one of the highest scores of any ServiceNow partner.

Gain visibility.

We start by mapping all of your products, databases and networking components before tracing taxonomies to gain a complete understanding of relationships and dependencies between systems.

Assess estate health.

Next, we review the health of your environment. This means measuring the efficiency and effectiveness of your systems and understanding their impact on critical operational metrics.

Optimize performance.

Finally, we apply these learnings to solve problems and improve performance. So if we can see an app has failed because of a database issue, we can divert CPU power to solve the problem. And we automate wherever we can to make systems self-healing. Then we repeat this process everywhere, across your estate.

Call us for a conversation about how we can help you transform the performance of your IT operation. 

This is the start of something bigger

IT has become the engine that drives business growth. But for IT to deliver, it needs to be tightly aligned with business objectives. And to coordinate your people, processes and your technology, you need Enterprise Ops.

What’s Enterprise Ops? We’re glad you asked.

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